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Online Resources to Support Learning

The internet is a vast sea of knowledge, where almost any question can be answered.
Explore some recommended options below which can help support your learning.

- Parent and Student Grade Portal
Aeries is our school database and this link enables students and parents to check turned in assignments, grades, etc.  Only on-site class grades are on the Aeries portal.  Knowing your grades and performance in class are important to building a responsible attitude and discipline toward life's obbligations.  To get Aeries access, see Tina Taxara at SCA for directions.

Click Here to go to the SCA Aeries Portal.

Foundations U
Foundation U provides on-demand training in Personal Finance.  At SCA we firmly believe that students need to understand their personal finances so that can be well prepared adults.  See your facilitator or the inside cover of your textbook for access directions and codes.

Click Here to go to log-in and begin learning the keys to financial freedom.

-Online Learning Support
Hippocampus, like Khan Academy, is a nationally recognized online clearhouse for support with learning.  Browse by subject area for the topics you would like to understand better.

Click Here to go to the Hippocampus website.
- Online Learning Portal
Odysseyware is our online learning software.  It offers are variety of excellent learning options including Career Technical Education.  To learn more about Odysseyware, talk to your facilitator to enroll.

Click Here to go to the SCA Odysseyware Portal.

- Online Learning Support
Khan Academy is a nationally recognized learning support for a wide variety of school subject and ability levels, from students working with basic math to calculus, chemistry to quantum physics.  To begin, create an account using a gmail, email, or Facebook account, then begin exploring the variety of learning options.

Click Here to go to Khan Academy and begin learning great things!