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English Resources

Explore the links below for support and ideas to have increased success in your English studies.
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt COLLECTIONS is the new literature program for Shasta Charter Academy.  Click Here to go to the login site to access your personal course assignments.  If you have any difficulty access the resources, contact your facilitator.

Purdue University has created an excellent resource to support junior high and high school students in all parts of the writing process.  Click Here to be redirected to the site. 

Building a strong vocabulary is a key to being a strong, well prepared student.  Click here to go to for vocabulary resources which are utilized by more than 25,000 schools.
At SCA, we have used the Writer's Inc. textbook for many years to support our students in theri writing processes.  For additional and updated writing ideas and instruction, Click Here.

Free Rice is a website where students can practice a variety of academic skills including identification of vocabulary, grammar, literature, human anatomy, geography, and chemistry.

In addition to learning, for each correct answer, sponsors donate 10 grains of rice to the World Food Programme, to feed the hungry throughout the world.  Click here to see the donation process in action.

Click here to start learning and feeding the hungry.