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How SCA Students Learn

A teacher, parent, student conference in progressAt SCA, learning is personalized for each student's needs, based on connecting his or her interests, life values, learning styles, strengths, career, and educational goals.

The key to student learning is the relationship between the student, his or her parents, and the facilitator.  Together, they decide which of 5 learning methods will best meet the student's needs.  The learning options are:
  • Homeschooling
  • On-site classes
  • Online classes
  • Student-driven electives
  • Shasta Community College classes

Shasta College classes are a unique element of the school's model because it supports advanced learning.  Students may take up to 11 college units per semester, most of which are directly college transferable and substitute for high school-level courses.  This feature allows students that want to finish high school early or earn college units to achieve this goal.  It also gives students the option to take trade-related classes in fields like welding, diesel or automotive mechanics, and agriculture.
Depending on the learning method, assignments are collaboratively created at learning team meetings which are scheduled every 2-4 weeks.  If the student or family needs support between meetings, facilitators are readily available by phone, email, text, or in person.

The greatest benefit of this personalized learning model is that parents and students are empowered to make the educational choices that meet the student's needs.   They also receive support from a well-trained teacher that truly gets to know each student well.  Most importantly, students develop a love of learning.